10 Best Whey Protein Isolate in India: 2022

Unlike fat, our body cannot retain protein and thus you need to feed your body 100 g to 160 g of protein every day based on your body weight. If you are not eating meat every day and also not under a diet regime, it can get pretty difficult to get this much amount of …

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10 Best Supplements for Muscle Growth in India: 2022

The Science Behind Muscle Growth Why You Need Supplements for Muscle Growth? Should You Need Supplements from Day-1 of Your Training? No, you don’t.  In fact, you don’t need supplements for the first 3 months of your training. Best Supplements for Muscle Growth in India: 2021 Here is a list of the essential supplements that …

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7+ Best Mass Gainer in India for Beginners: 2022

Why Should You Need a Mass Gainer? Best Mass Gainer in India for Beginners: 2021 Here are the best mass gainers in India for beginners, which are best for you to enhance your muscle mass and size. If you aim to build your muscle mass, they are equally effective for improving overall muscle size and …

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The Best Protein Bars in India to Try in 2022

Why Vegan Lovers Need a Plant Protein? Best Protein Bars in India to Try in 2021 Here are the best protein bars in India recommended for you if you need quick protein intake in your day-to-day life or need a remedy to your sudden hunger crunch. These protein bars are all equally effective which come …

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Best Whey Protein under INR 2000-2500 in India: 2022

Whey Protein Isolate Benefits and Advantages Best Whey Protein Isolate Ingredients and Must Have Components Best Whey Protein under INR 2000-2500 in India: 2021 Here are the best whey proteins under Rs 2000-2500, which are available in India. They are equally effective and recommended for beginners as well as workout enthusiasts for overall lean muscle …

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Best Glutamine Supplements in India for Muscle Recovery: 2022

Glutamine for Muscle Recovery

Yes, glutamine is an essential supplement and is a must-have for your weight training. Most of the whey proteins are loaded with glutamine. Your trainer might ask you to consume an additional serving of glutamine to further improve your muscle mass. For a beginner, glutamine is not essential but becomes extremely important when you start …

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The Best BCAA Supplements in India: 2022

BCAA supplements

Our body cannot manufacture the essential amino acids and thus they needs to be consumed through day-today diet. Of all these, the Branched-Chain Amino Acids are most significance when it comes to bodybuilding. There are basically three Branched-Chain amino acids Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine that are abundantly found in your muscle fibers. They are absorbed …

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Best Fat Burner Supplement Capsules in India: 2022

Fat burner for men and women

Fat burner supplements are essential to expedite the process of “fat loss” and can help you lose a few extra pounds. However, you need to ensure that you’re on a proper calorie deficit diet and maintain some regular cardio activity. You can take a fat burner for 2 months; cut down your fat and maintain …

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