10 Best Dumbbells for Home Workout in India: 2022

The dumbbell, a sort of free weight, is a piece of weight-training equipment. It can be employed Individually or in pairs, one in each hand.

Dumbbells are weights that are not utilized with exercise machines. Dumbbells are also known as hand weights and free weights, as they are employed without any other apparatus. The majority of dumbbells have a small bar in the middle and two broader discs at each end.

Some dumbbells are pretty light (just a few pounds), whereas others are incredibly hefty (several pounds) (50 pounds or more). They can be fixed or variable in weight. Dumbbells, in particular, can fluctuate in weight due to the number and size of discs that can be added or removed from the bar (weight).

Why Do You Need Dumbbells for Home Workout?

Dumbbells for home use are without a doubt the most convenient weights to use and acquire.

But, when it comes down to it, isn’t convenience the most crucial aspect of your home?

Whether you have enough area for a home gym, don’t have any space at all, or live in a one-room flat.

They are also easy to use and learn and do not burn a hole in your pocket, making them the perfect gym equipment to add to your home gym.

That is why dumbbells’ convenience and functionality are so crucial and make them worthwhile to own.

10 Best Dumbbells for Home Workout: 2022

Here are the 10 best dumbbells for home workout, to help you get started on your road to fitness and better living:

1. Domyos Hex Dumbbell 2.5kg


This is one of the best sellers and most sought-after products on Decathlon, both offline and online. This dumbbell is explicitly designed for cross-training by the design team.

It is a dumbbell that can be used for both bodybuilding and functional exercises (press-up-type exercises). Because of its hexagonal design, it is more stable. It is coated with rubber that is resistant to impacts.

It is available for INR 999 on both online and offline stores, which is a bargain.

2. Domyos Weight Training Dumbbell kit 10kg


If you are not a beginner and have been working out for quite some time, you can consider getting yourself one of these. This dumbbell set is designed by weight training trainers and a design team for at-home weight training. This set is excellent for beginners who want to develop biceps, triceps, deltoids, and pecs.

It is a progressive weight training kit where you can adjust the weights from 2kgs to 10kgs, which is excellent for beginners.

It is available at INR 999 on online and offline stores, providing excellent value for the users.

3. Domyos Dumbbells and Bars Weight Training Kit 93kg


If you are looking for a complete set that includes the dumbbells and bars weight training kit, you can not go wrong with this innovative gym set from Domyos.

It is a versatile weight set that offers the best of both worlds and can be used by beginners and experts. It is available both on online and offline stores of Decathlon and will cost you INR 15,999.

4. KORE Dumbbells set hex


Here is a comfortable dumbbell set to suit your needs. A dumbbell and barbell rod are commonly included in these rubber home gym sets.

Hex dumbbell sets, which are robust, heavy, and do not roll when placed on the floor, are popular with some people. This model weighs 10kg, although some models are significantly heavier.

The grip is comfortable to hold and has grooves for a secure grip.

If you want a single-piece-built dumbbell pair or a dumbbell set for yourself, these are the ones to get.

You can get this dumbbell set online at Amazon for INR 3,099 after a 47% discount.

5. KOBO Dumbbell set


KOBO steel dumbbell set is a heavy-duty, heavy-weight dumbbell set that will last you a long time. Dumbbells of this sort are also popular in gyms and can easily be used at your homes too.

In India, KOBO dumbbell sets range in weight from 1kg to 30kg, giving you a wide range of options. These are also rust-resistant, which helps you make it through its paces.

This dumbbell set starts from INR 805 for 1kg and goes up to INR 15,999 for 30 kgs set.

6. AmazonBasics Neoprene dumbbell


A great set of dumbbells from Amazon, this set comprises three pairs of dumbbells in weights of 2-pound, 3-pound, and 5-pound, allowing you to select the appropriate weight for your routine, preference, and several repetitions. Beginners and advanced workout lovers alike will benefit from the AmazonBasics 20-pound dumbbell set.

The dumbbells have a neoprene coating that makes them easy to grip and keeps them in place during use. The rubber-like coating also protects flooring and allows for indoor and outdoor use of the weights. Each pair of weights is a distinct color—pink, rose, and yellow—making it simple to find the right amount of weight.

A weight stand that is simple to assemble is included. The robust platform keeps the weights neatly stowed, conveniently accessible, and colorful shows by placing the heavier weights on the bottom and the lesser ones on the top.

A bestseller on Amazon with many ratings and reviews is available at a discount of 50% for INR 2,499.

7. J MARQUE Rubber Coated Professional Hex Dumbbells


J Marque dumbbell sets are well received on Amazon as they can be utilized for various resistance training exercises, including arms, chest, and back. They are made with the highest quality materials that will not bend or break even after extended use. It features a hexagonal shape that keeps rolling and a chrome handle for a more comfortable grip.

 It is pretty easy to store as the dumbbell’s compact shape makes it simple to keep and use anyplace in your home.

These dumbbell sets are available at a discount of 54% and would cost you INR 2,298.

8. ProToner Combo Dumbbell set

This weight-lifting kit is brought to you by Protoner. It includes PVC plates ranging in weight from 8 to 12 kg to assist you in rethinking your training routine. It has three rods, each with a lock to keep the plates from slipping off.

This set has a 3-foot curl rod and two 14-inch dumbbell rods included. Depending on the type of workout you plan to conduct, you can equip yourself with any of these.

Protoner also provides a set of gym gloves, a gym backpack, a skipping rope, a hand gripper, two locks, and clippers. When you decide to participate in a training session, these essentials will come in handy.

You can get this dumbbell set on Amazon at a discount of 65%, for INR 1,409.

9. Stag fitness professional dumbbell set


One of the most well-received dumbbell sets available on Amazon, Stag fitness has 2 x 2.5kg Weight Plates and two dumbbell rods.

It is made from highly long-lasting and durable materials. For rugged and demanding use, the plates are manufactured of superior quality rubber.

The products have been expertly designed and have a dead bounce.

It can be used for home, gym, and outdoor workouts for weight training, muscle growth, and mat exercises. With a whole-body activity, you may increase your strength and cardio training.

10. FITNACE hex dumbbells


Another set of dumbbells that are great for your home gym are these hex dumbbells by “FITNACE.” 

The hexagonal shape of these FITNACE Hex dumbbells is unique.

The construction is rubber-shielded. The rubber-coated structure of these FITNACE dumbbells ensures long-term durability.

These unique dumbbell sets are available at Amazon at a 50% discount and will cost you INR 1,999.

How to Choose the Best Dumbbells for Home Workout?

Now that you know which dumbbells you can choose online, you should also know the tips on choosing the best dumbbells for your home workout.

So here are some things you need to keep in mind:

  • If you’re buying dumbbells for home use and the wide weight range, choose a pair of adjustable dumbbells for lighter weights and a couple of fixed dumbbells for heavier weights.
  • To begin, one pair of adjustable dumbbells will be enough if the weight range is limited.
  • Hexagonal dumbbells in cast iron, rubber, or urethane are available for home gyms. 
  • Avoid circular dumbbells because they will roll away if the floor is even slightly uneven when choosing dumbbells for your home gym.
  • To keep a dumbbell from slipping out of your hands when lifting, it must have a knurled grip.
  • If you’re a woman, go for dumbbells with somewhat thinner handles so you can wrap your palms around them easily.

Where to Find the Best Dumbbells Online?

There are quite a few options you can consider when you want to buy a dumbbell set. You can always rely on online sites like Amazon and Flipkart with great dumbbells and other gym equipment options.

You must ensure that the product has good ratings and reviews and is bought from a genuine seller. Apart from Amazon and Flipkart, you can also check out Decathlon, which is a reputed brand. You can even check their offline stores before placing your order to try out the product.


We hope you like our comprehensive list of the “10 Best Dumbbells for Home Workout In India”. Please let us know in the comments below what you think about this blog and which dumbbells you would be going for!